Happy Hippos

For babies

Blue Room.

The Blue Room is where our 0-2 year olds explore, learn, develop and grow. Our qualified Educators care for and nurture the children and provide lots of enjoyable learning experiences.

Fun at Fit Kidz…..an idea of a typical day

We offer flexible routines in our rooms that allow for consistency with family routines, large blocks of time for play and learning, and children’s choice and direction on experiences through the day.

  1. Breakfast
  2. Family Grouping
  3. Indoor/Outdoor Experiences
  4. Morning Tea
  5. Language for Life – group time
  6. Constructing Creativity – craft experiences, music and movement experiences
  7. Fitness Foundations
  1. Lunch
  2. Rest Time/ Quiet Activities
  3. Afternoon Tea
  4. Indoor/Outdoor Experiences
  5. Family Grouping
  6. Late Snack

As part of the Daily Routine

  • Nappies are changed immediately as needed, or a minimum of every two hours.
  • Rest and meal times are flexible to meet your child’s needs.

* Indoor/outdoor experiences and group times can consist of play, story time, arts and craft, music and movement.

What To Expect

Before your child commences at the Centre, we recommend you to please go through the ‘What to Expect’ document. Click the button below to download.

Our Team

We believe that the single most important part of our offering is our team. We have a core focus on our people, value them for their passion, commitment and personal contribution, and recognise them as our greatest asset. We cherish our reputation and are unrelenting in the delivery of our expected standard, and as a service business the quality of our product is its delivery. We know that as our representatives, the qualities of our people will always be the true measure of our success.