Parent Testimonials

A pat on our backs

Genuine quotes
from our families.

These are all testimonials from our families at the Centre, though some of the names have been changed. Thank you very much to all of these parents for their kind words. They inspire and motivate us.

Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts for providing such a memorable and fun filled year for our Brontee.
Being our only child, it was nerve racking starting her in care for the first time but you all put me at ease and welcomed us with such care and open arms.
I’m so sad to not being seeing your smiling faces every Tuesday and Wednesday but i know you have all prepared Brontee for big school and she is definitely ready thanks to you all.
The usb that we received with the graduation ceremony and Christmas performance is so special and you bet, i cried my eyes out watching it!! What a beautiful keepsake and we so appreciate the work that went into this.
A super special mention goes to Brooke M, Brooke G and Mikayla for helping Brontee blossom this year. You girls will always hold a special place in our families heart. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough!
Also, to Amanda for greeting myself and Brontee every morning and afternoon. You always made us feel welcome. The centre felt like a second home.
Thankyou Fallon and Amy for being the backbone of operations within the centre. Your hardwork doesn’t go unnoticed and the positive vibe of the centre is a credit to you!
What a privilege to be a member of the Fit Kidz family. I will not hesitate to recommend your beautiful centre to anyone who asks.

Today as I brought my lil one to school, for some reason I was just so emotional. Even though it was his fourth week at care, and he has absolutely adored every moment, today was tough… for me… not even for him! Why?!…, I have no idea!
We enter his classroom, he is greeted so warmly by every team member and he flashes each of them his charming smile. He happily and comfortably went over to his carers who were just so attentive to his specific needs, taking the time to ask how his night was and what he would need for the day ahead. All whilst keeping the biggest (and most comforting) smile on their faces. I don’t know if these sensed my emotions or not… but either way, I don’t think they knew how much I needed their positive and uplifting spirits. So I leave my boy, knowing he was happy, but still something about today had me emotional… anywho, I was then comforted by not only the beautiful Director who said she would personally check on him for me, but then even the amazing Chef took the time to tell me she would love to help him decorate his very own birthday cake (ahhhh, there it is, that’s where the emotion is coming from, I’m not quite ready for my boy to turn 1!!! Finally I know why! Haha) I’m certain she does not have the time for that given the scrumptious food she provides every day, but nonetheless, she’l has again taken time to personally support me and my baby!
I’ve now left the building knowing my boy had the absolute love, attention and genuine care from the ENTIRE team of Fit Kidz… gosh he’s lucky!
I finally get to work, busily working away, and then ding… STORYPARK notification… the best notification ever to receive!!! And what is it….?! a series of sensational photos of my boy, being absolutely adored by the village of angels at Fit Kidz! His smile is radiating, I can tell by the sparkle in his eye… he feels safe… he feels loved!!! And by gosh is he loving that cake and snuggles with his favs!
These little moments moved a mountain of heaviness from my heart, and I’m not sure I have enough words to thank the team at Fit Kidz… but THANK YOU!!!

• Our experience at Fit Kidz Rouse Hill has been amazing. Dallas’s transition to care has been smooth, tear free and so exciting for both him, and us as parents. The little “touches” on his first day (the gift for parents, and then the postcard in the mail) was absolutely next level and so appreciated! I have recommended this centre to anyone who is looking for care for their children, and couldn’t speak more highly of the staff, admin, the centre itself and the “feeling” of safety and calm you get as a parent as soon as you step foot in the front doors. I’m very grateful for my son to begin his education at such an amazing place!

I just wanted to send a big shout out to the incredible team at Fit Kidz Rouse Hill. I’ve just left the building knowing my boy had the absolute love, attention and genuine care from the entire team – gosh he’s lucky! I’m not sure I have enough words to thank the team … but THANK YOU !!! xxx

Sending some happy mail to say a huge thank you to you and your lovely staff for making our daughter’s first week in care so enjoyable. I’ve loved seeing her photos on Storypark and appreciate all the efforts taken to make sure this new experience for her (and myself) was a smooth one

I wanted to say a massive thank you for how amazing your whole team has been in settling our Lenny into daycare. I have not had to worry about Lenny one bit and I can tell he is so happy and content in the room. You are doing such a fabulous job, thank you times a million!!!

We just love the outdoor play area as our kids are outdoor kids and love it, we love the walking tracks the jumping pillow, the chicken pen the little pond with the baby turtles there is just so much there for the kids to do and see its just fantastic.

The outdoor facilities are amazing! I think it would be safe to say, probably the best any preschool has ever offered.

…we can’t fault the staff, even when they have their hands full they ALWAYS extend a smile and offer conversation and remember me personally. Not only is this nice for me but reassures me that my daughter is in the best possible hands – thank you.

Wonderful activities, I’m very impressed with the still life drawing, yoga, food pyramid and all the healthy programs.

…incredibly impressed with your teaching program & not over the top as we want our child to enjoy his time & have fun because there is a lot more years of school ahead of him. You have a fantastic balance to get him ready for school.