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Greg Page | Children’s entertainer and teacher

There is no doubt that when we think of child care we think of children playing and being looked after. Those are two very basic concepts that come to mind with the connotation of child care, and in some cases, preschool. However, as an early childhood educator myself, I know that there are many variations on these two elements of child care that can have an outstanding impact on your child and their development over the formative years of their lives. From what I have observed at Fit Kidz centres, I can see that Fit Kidz goes well beyond being merely child care on a basic level as some centres provide – they are a true early learning centre of the highest quality. This is why I am proud to be a Fit Kidz Ambassador.

Quite apart from the outstanding aesthetics of the Fit Kidz centres that are immediately noticeable upon entering a Fit Kidz centre, it is the programming and the resources that are provided to the children that give them the best opportunity to play, explore, discover and learn. This is how children develop the essential skills for analysing, understanding and processing their world around them. However, there is more to learning than just playing on their own. Play should be guided by adults where possible to ensure that learning is enhanced, and allowed to progress more rapidly.

The policies surrounding employment of staff ensure that children really do get the best from their days at Fit Kidz. This is a team effort between the owners, management and of course the wonderful, energetic, knowledgeable and friendly staff. Without staff, of this quality, it really would just be child-minding.

The opportunities for learning would be diminished, and the resulting development would not happen quickly, or as noticeably if there were not these highly trained, skilled and dedicated teachers working with your children to bring out the best. I am passionate about children’s education, and it always excites me to see people who share that passion, and to me, it is obvious that the teachers and staff at Fit Kidz are on the same page as me – and the real winners will be your children!

Finally, this has all come about as the dream of Mel and Mick Scaife. These two passionate dreamers have provided the environment for all of this to come together, and again, it is my experiences with Mick and Mel that tells me that it is their vision, drive and commitment to quality that ensures your children will be in the best hands when they are part of the Fit Kidz family!

Greg Page

– Greg Page

Children’s Entertainer and Teacher

FIT KIDZ Ambassador / Producer, Singer, Musician and Actor