Fitness & Exercise

Fostering healthy, happy children

The right path to
a long and healthy life.


As our name implies, we have a firm belief in fitness and health, and the importance of making a start early in life.

As our philosophy says:

We feel a responsibility for the health and fitness of the little minds and bodies that are in our care.  Attitudes to healthy eating and fitness can be carried forward from childhood; therefore it is our aim to assist efforts at home by placing your child on the right path to a long and healthy life.

Being physically healthy is a necessary pre-condition to being able to develop in all areas.  Our children are encouraged to participate in a daily exercise program, where they enjoy a large variety of activities with an emphasis on increasing general bodily activity, and also to enhance their gross motor skills.  Activities are obviously tailored to suit each age group.

Cheeky Monkeys (Toddler Group)

Fitness Fun

Physical health is the basic foundation for children’s learning and development. Extending the physical development of coordinated motor skills is a large part of a toddler’s overall development.

Fitness Fun activities help build physical strength and motor coordination with daily experiences that allow toddlers to practice fine-motor skills, hand/eye coordination, hand and full body movement, and more.

Leaping Leopards (Pre-School Group)

Harnessing Healthy Habits

Children lead very active lives. They need a variety of nutritious foods for the growth and development of their minds and bodies.

Concentration and learning are improved when children receive nutritionally sound meals and have an understanding of healthy habits. Well nourished and active children are more likely to be alert, vigorous, happy and interested in age-related activities.

Good health and wellbeing helps them to have happier relationships with other children, and with you.