Meet the Room Leader

Leaping Leopards

Miss Rose

Room Leader – Leaping Leopards

My name is Rosemarie, but my Fit Kidz family know me best as Miss Rose

I first started with Fit Kidz in 2014 at the age of 17, I took on the role as the Centre chef at Fit Kidz Glenwood North

I currently hold a Diploma in Children's Services and have recently completed my Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood (birth to five years)

My favorite memory would have to be meeting Greg from the Wiggles and the 2016 Fit Kidz Foundation Ball! From start to finish the night was extremely special and heart warming

I love having such a strong team to work alongside. We all share an incredible relationship with each other, the children, families and our community

My greatest achievement is becoming an Educational Leader as I continue to strive and grow as an individual

I have a very strong passion for health and fitness, I enjoy all things that help me to live a very healthy lifestyle and be active