Parent Testimonials

A pat on our backs

Genuine quotes
from our families.

These are all testimonials from our families at the Centre, though some of the names have been changed. Thank you very much to all of these parents for their kind words. They inspire and motivate us.

I just wanted to highlight the amazing team at Putney and the amazing care they take of Mia and Leo. They always have so much fun with all the creative things they do.
But I wanted to especially recognise some very special teachers that have shown Leo and Mia so much extra love and they have such a beautiful bond with them. The kids always look for them and are always so excited to see them when they arrive and that is Miss Rose and Miss Ellie.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to all the Leopards staff for teaching Matt Auslan. I was so impressed when he fingerspelt his name.
Thank you for introducing him to sign language.

My son has been at Fit Kidz for six weeks now and he is flourishing! He is like a different kid, he loves going to his “school”. We have noticed a definite developmental leap, his language and behaviour have really improved, even his eating habits have improved!

Hollie and Taylor run the monkey’s room very professionally, and always fill me in on Alex’s daily activities, he really loves both of his teachers and I’m constantly surprised at how well they know him, they both take time to notice his little ways, the Cheeky Monkeys room is a very caring, warm environment.

Christine takes a real interest in how much the kids like their food, the menu is always healthy and varied and the kitchen is lovely and clean.

I genuinely feel that all the carers like my child, which in turn makes me feel comfortable to leave him in their care. I trust they do the best by him.

I believe the reason why his experience at Fit Kidz has been such a success is due to your fantastic staff.

What a wonderful centre you have!

We originally wanted him to go to kindy thinking it would be great for my husband and I to have a bit of time to spend with our twin babies, but we have been so pleasantly surprised with the wonderful impact that going to Fit Kidz has had.

Hi to the team at the Centre, (from proud grandparents) what a great idea your daybook is & a great record for you as regards to Quality Assurance & Accreditation etc. Sandra has forwarded the emails to us & it is a great way to share in our grandchildren’s activities. Especially as we cannot ‘Drop in’ every day!

Keep up the good work & a big ‘thank you’.