Parent Testimonials

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Genuine quotes
from our families.

These are all testimonials from our families at the Centre, though some of the names have been changed. Thank you very much to all of these parents for their kind words. They inspire and motivate us.

After our experience with the Foundation it was a “no brainer” that the Fit Kidz centres would provide the same level of love and support and exactly where our beloved children should go. After some lovely groundwork from the Foundation team we were introduced to Laura from Dural North and Melinda from Dural South and our love affair with the Fit Kidz network grew. Our children are so excited to go to “school” every day. They come home warm from hugs, bellies full of nutritious food, clothes dirty from adventures, and so sleepy from a full day of exploring the world. As parents we try to do the very best for our children at all times and I can tell you, the very best thing we did was to send our children into the loving care of your centres.

I just had to email you to let you know how much I appreciate your beautiful report on Harper. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading the report. So, so chuffed. You have put so much thought into your comments and it would’ve taken a substantial amount of time, so I thank you. I especially love the ending where Harper says she doesn’t like homework! Classic! I laughed so hard! Thanks again for all your hard work, not just on the report, but every week.

Just wanted to say thanks again Emma you have been an EXCELLENT guide/confidant for Mila and it follows through to all your staff in the room. Your positive, bubbly, very caring nature is icing on the cake! I’ve watched you over the past couple years with obviously myself /Mila but also other kids/parents/staff and believe you’re a strong asset to fit kidz in the way you are professionally and beyond that.?

Rebecca, thank-you for the smooth transition and how you run the place (no easy task I can only imagine) and you do it awesome ? seeing you jump in where needed no matter what the task shows you really care about what you do.

It has been a delight seeing how much Laura has grown in confidence since the beginning of last year. She made an impression on us early on and we were delighted to know that she would be one of Brendan’s permanent teachers in the Cheeky Monkeys.

She always greets us with a smile and has something positive to report back to us. What we think Laura contributes well to the room is her calming and gentle presence. Her gentle approach helps to sooth the anxiety of the children and we can see that she makes a big effort to be present with each child. We’ve also enjoyed seeing her use of gift of photography in the day books and the photos around the room.

I can see how her quiet encouragement has helped Brendan grow in his confidence. Plus she is also great at seeing how our family is going and remembers significant events to enquire about. Thanks Laura for being such a thoughtful and kind teacher, we love having you as Brendan’s teacher!

Sofia had the BEST time on Tuesday! She had an amazing day and did not want to leave at pick up time! I want to thank you, Miss Emma and the other girls in the Cheeky Monkey room for settling her into the class with such ease on her first day and making her feel so welcome. She woke up this morning asking if she had school again today and was upset to learn she only had ballet on today 🙂

Thanks so much for the pics. He looks like he really enjoyed himself and was too exhausted to talk to me about it when he got home yesterday. I cannot express how happy my husband and I are with the change of preschool and the difference it has made on Lorenzo. He is so much more settled and happy to attend (and would gladly attend 5 days if allowed). The staff are all warm and welcoming and have made a huge impact with Lorenzo. It is wonderful to see the kids having other experiences outside of the centres hours of operation but with their peers.

I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you for welcoming Sam this week and making him feel so comfortable. It’s been such a smooth transition for him and he’s had a great couple of days thanks to you all. The day book is fabulous! We look at it as a family each evening and use it to support his retell of his day. Thank you for all the time and you put into it, I really appreciate receiving it.

Ben has attended the Fitkidz vacation program every single holidays since it started. He absolutely loves going (and especially loves Mr Hamish). When we get the program, Ben decides which days he wants to do. The programs are incredible and the facilities are unbelievable. Most vacation care programs take kids to places, but I’ve never liked this for children in infants school. Fitkidz manages to provide the most amazing inhouse opportunities and activities you could imagine. We are the number one fan of the Fitkidz vacation program and look forward to it every holidays!

Just wanted to quickly let you know how great I think you and the other girls in Cheeky Monkeys are (and the whole centre for that matter!). You always are so ‘up beat’ and I have really appreciated the genuine interest you and the other girls have taken in helping Nicky to settle in at Fit Kidz and assist in toilet training, sleeping on the bed etc. it means so much and all your hard work is noticed and very much appreciated. You’re all amazing!!!

Thank you for this daily update, it gives me a chance to prompt Audrey to talk of her wonderful days spent at Fitkidz.
She absolutely looooves her two days a week, thanks to you all.

I Thank you and such beautiful staff for making Luke’s first preschool experience so pleasant.
I could not have found a better environment that Fitkidz provided with such dedicated, kind and caring staff.

Thanks so much for having us and it was such a pleasure to be there, spend time with all the children and yourselves. You made it a blast and a very special memory. It has made going back to work difficult though, would rather have stayed and played!!!
We really are so grateful Marlee is at FitKidz, and you are the ones that make it “extra special”.

Can’t thank you enough for the fantastic vacation program you have again run these holidays. You are both so great with the kids and they respond so well to that. Ben has absolutely loved it which has made it so much easier for me to keep working through the holidays without feeling guilty that he hasn’t had a good break from school.

They are constantly learning but completely oblivious to the fact (it’s just like hiding veges in the bolognaise sauce!). So Ben feels like he’s just somewhere having fun while I work. I just can’t speak highly enough of how brilliant a job you have both done.

I just really wanted to send a short email thanking you all for your beautiful work, Mikki was definitely ready and excited to start school but mummy not so much ! You have made the experience an absolute joy for me though and I am so confident she is in the perfect place, The set up the management every small detail planned and executed. I am so thankful for your phone call on her first day to let me know she had settled well and then Miss Laura commented at Tuesday pick up that she had made a friend thank you thank you thank you

Mikaela was so sad not to be dropped off again today so just a short email to let you know that your hard work is much appreciated.
We look forward to many more happy days ahead.

Raph and I want to thank you both for Harry’s first week at Fit Kidz! He has come home each day really happy and is so positive about his experiences so far! Thank you so much!