Parent Testimonials

A pat on our backs

Genuine quotes
from our families.

These are all testimonials from our families at the Centre, though some of the names have been changed. Thank you very much to all of these parents for their kind words. They inspire and motivate us.

It is an absolute pleasure dropping Fynn off at preschool, and he really loves going. We really appreciate all the hard work that all the staff put into the Centre to make it such a wonderful and professional environment for all the learning and fun that takes place. So thanks kindly for all your hard work.

Just wanted to say how much I loved reading every page of Renae’s portfolio – it is a wonderful collection of developmental information and I thank you and the team for putting it all together. Especially loved the variety of photos of Renae getting involved – you have done such a great job. Thank you.

You guys are awesome!! Thank you so much for helping Daniel to make a card for his Nan’s birthday today. At home, Jessie and Daniel pull out the craft box when it is someone in our family’s birthday to make a special card. Jessie was hard at work on her card this afternoon and I thought to myself it was a shame Daniel wouldn’t get to make one for Nan because he was at school. What a lovely surprise it was to have buddy jump in the car and say “look what I’ve made for Nan!” Daniel obviously made a comment to you about it being his Nan’s birthday and you have really listened,

cared and gone above and beyond our expectations by helping him to make a card. Daniel was so proud to hand it to his Nan tonight.

Thanks a ton for sending the day book regularly. I take immense pleasure in going through each and every activity and the rapid progress that Happy Hippos are making . A big WOW!!!! to both of you for all your hard work and dedication.

I love receiving the day books by email – it is such a wonderful way to connect with the kids in the middle of the day and sometimes also the only bright spot in an otherwise horrible work day.

Our son, Taj, has only attended the centre since the beginning of this term, however we are extremely happy with the choice we have made to send him to Glenwood North. The staff are highly professional and have helped Taj adapt happily and easily to daycare life. I cannot speak more highly of the teachers he comes into contact with during his time there, in particular Miss Julie, Miss Caroline, Miss Amy and Miss Debbie. Taj thoroughly enjoys his time at Fit Kidz and this is evident in his many conversations about school where he boasts about the teachers, activities and the fun he has. Even today, when he has been at home sick, he told me that he wanted to receive cuddles from Miss Amy and Miss Julie.

We changed childcares as I was unhappy with the first place we tried, I consider myself very fussy and i can only commend you and your team. Debbie made a real effort to settle Lara in as she was changing centres, since then Lara is doing very well with Caroline and Julie, they are great… But what really impresses me is that when we arrive in the morning the staff who do not look after Lara through the day still make a keen effort to get her settled each day and all staff know her name, these small things were not taking place at her previous centre. Your communication of events is always very clear and I’m very happy so far.

Within the last 2 weeks, Coby has made the most amazing progress with toilet training, all thanks to Miss Julie and Miss Caroline’s consistent effort and interest. They’ve not only guided Coby, but given me so much knowledge, guidance and support throughout this continuing process.

Glenwood is a Centre of exceptional excellence with the great staff, great program and innovations like the emailed daybook which travels to our families around the world and gives the grandparents great joy each day.

Miss Debbie is such a gem and Arin just adores her! There have been times when she and I have been in the room at the same time and I can see the confusion on his face – he can’t decide who to go to. To me, that is a true reflection of her very genuine affection because in my book, kids and animals don’t lie.

I treat the issue of where my children attend childcare very seriously, I was rather out of pocket in changing Centres suddenly however am very happy. I can only hope this high standard is continued next year and in years to come as I have a baby who can hopefully attend one day.

Thanks you for all that you do in delivering a high quality childcare in which David is thriving.

Love the Centre, adore the staff. Keep up the amazing good work – and keep this email, and every other positive one you get 🙂

The work that Amie and Jenna are doing with the Leaping Leopards is commendable. I am amazed at the how Anika’s knowledge about the various countries has grown. Also, I was telling someone at work about the calendar we get for the news and she said, “Your daycare is so organised”.

Communication from Lucas’s teachers is exemplary, whether it be in the form of the communication book, potty training updates or just a brief chat on arrival or departure. My husband and I also think

that the daybook emails are outstanding, my husband eagerly checks his emails in anticipation (and now our families do too as they love us to forward them on).

Bethany has had some unsettled mornings where she has a few tears upon saying goodbye, but it is very reassuring to receive phonecalls (sometimes before I’ve even left the driveway) knowing that she is ok. I have no doubt that the staff I leave her with have her best interests (and mine) at heart at all times.

We know that this term will be the first of many memorable times for our son (and his soon to arrive sibling in the foreseeable future).

It’s the little touches like this from you that help make Fit Kidz such a great centre.