Parent Testimonials

A pat on our backs

Genuine quotes
from our families.

These are all testimonials from our families at the Centre, though some of the names have been changed. Thank you very much to all of these parents for their kind words. They inspire and motivate us.

Such a warm and friendly centre! My son loves going to school, the teachers are engaging and genuinely seem to have fun with the children. The cook makes fabulous meals and the manager Amanda has such a positive attitude, always will to help out with any extra support our family needs. Love this service

Watching our girls develop by leaps and bounds through the learning and playing at Fit kidz, we have come to appreciate your professional care and teaching. Keep up the good work. I have been looking at a few places in the area and Fitkidz is an outstanding centre and I really would like to have Allegra enrolled for next year.

Thanks again for the extra touches that help parents make these difficult decisions and make Fitkidz something extra special 🙂

Anya loves Fit Kidz and it is a great pleasure for us to see personalised updates from you. Big thank you to you, other teachers and staff of FitKidz. We are lucky that we have such a good childcare centre near us.

Thank you so much for the individual email, it’s so lovely to have Lachlan recognised as an individual as well as in a group. I really appreciate the individual attention that is given to him, as it makes him feel special.

You gals do such a great job with the children and i just wanted you to know that your efforts are not gone un-noticed, all the extra effort you go to is so much appreciated!

I know all of your teachers are considerate and dedicated to children.THANK YOU for your commitment.

Thank you so much for all the care and effort you put in into organising each day. Your care and professionalism is obvious by the way you interact with children and parents, creating a warm atmosphere where children can feel nurtured and supported in their growing, learning and development.

We would like to thank all the staff at Fitkidz for their excellent care and guidance, especially Miss Nat and Miss Monette from LL and Miss Annette, Miss Mel and Miss Anna from CM and not forgetting Miss Heike in the kitchen. Eva constantly requests Miss Heike’s menu during meals at home.

I would just like to formally thank the girls in the monkeys room working with Jayden each day. Their patience with him and their understanding of him allows me to feel confident in the care you are providing. Also I would like to thank the girls for their support for myself as a working mother who is also studying, at times things can get on top of you and their reassuring words mean a lot. So THANK YOU!!!

Fit kidz has taught Ali so so much this year and because I have the insight of the operations of 2 different centres I do compare and the difference is huge not only in what the staff are teaching the kids but also in the attitudes of all the staff, everyone at Fitkidz is always smiling and always friendly! I think you are all just tops 😛 so thanks for doing the job you do so well.

Thank you so much for Brayden’s photos & for everything that you’re doing. Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you looking after Brayden the way that you do & for the way you let me know what he’s doing/up to…. Jess has also been great with updating me on his daily adventures/eating!!!

I just wanted to say thanks for putting Miss Monette on the Leaping Leopards room at Sth Glenwood next year. Josh loves having her as his teacher, and it will make an easy transition for him into the next room. I’ve been trying to tell him over the last few weeks that he was going up to the next room, and he kept saying ‘no’…(!) so I’ve been working at preparing him for the change with new teachers etc. but when we found out that Miss Monette was going up with him, he was more than happy to move to that room. We have been thrilled with Miss Monette this year. (we love all Josh’s other teachers too) She is a great teacher with refreshing enthusiasm, takes a real interest in the kids, and communicates well to us about how Josh is developing, what he personally did each day etc.

Lachlan really enjoys coming to Fit Kids and talks about his day and his teachers with great excitement and enthusiasm. As a parent this makes life so much easier knowing that Lachlan is happy during the day allows me to have a relatively worry-free day (still miss him but am happy that he is happy).

As Grandparents of Mawson we would like to thank you for keeping us up to date on our little Grandson’s happenings at Day Care. We really appreciate it, especially as we live in Queensland and don’t get to see him all that often. Once again, thank you.

She really enjoys her time with you guys and I love the excitement on her face when we sing the songs you have been teaching her. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

I would like to write and inform the centre of what an excellent job your girls are doing in the Leaping Leopards room, they give 200% into their job and are always cheerful and friendly to parents and kids, they are so caring and loving towards the children that I really feel Fitkidz is a home away from home. From the time that I drop off Michael till the time that I pick him up, I just know that he has

the most fantastic time, spending the whole day doing fun filled and educational activities in a safe, friendly, loving and caring environment that any child could possibly get. Thank you Fit Kidz!

I’m so glad my kids are in you care!!!