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Central Phone: (02)9627 0777 Main Switch & Operator 9-5pm

We have a very sophisticated phone system, which is part of a “wide area network” covering all the Fit Kidz Centres.
As you know, we encourage you to contact us at any time, and to encourage this we provide Direct-In-Dial numbers for each playroom, by-passing reception, so that you can be connected directly to your child’s carers at any time.

Centre direct dial numbers

Dural North   |   Dural South   |   Glenwood North   |   Glenwood South   |   Putney
Rouse Hill   |   Turramurra   |   Vineyard   |   Warrawee

Please Note: We answer the phones centrally on the number above, but if you prefer to dial a particular handset or group of handsets directly you can do that too, using the list. We only ask that you be mindful of the fact that for reasons of programming, eating, outside play or myriad others, we may be unable to answer your call at a given time. Please leave a voicemail for us to return your call, or if you have an immediate need you can always press “*” to be transferred to reception for immediate service.

Dural South

Glenwood North

Glenwood South


Rouse Hill




Central Phone

(02) 9627 0777
Main Switch – Operator 9-5pm

Centre Director – Miss Amanda

(02) 9627 0790*

Blue Room #1 – Happy Hippos

(02) 9627 0791*

Blue Room #2 – Happy Hippos

(02) 9627 0792*

* denotes that the number shown has voicemail available.

Green Room – Cheeky Monkeys

(02) 9627 0793*

Orange Room – Leaping Leopards

(02) 9627 0795*


(02) 9627 0798

All Phones at Warrawee

(02) 96270797*
(for urgent calls)