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Fit Kidz is about family, love and learning. With over 15 years experience in Early Childhood Education and Care, we have grown into a group of nine Learning Centres across the Hills District and North Shore. At heart though, we remain a small family operated business.

Our Service

High Quality Care & Learning

We take pride in the high quality of care and learning we offer, thanks to what we believe to be the very best team in the business, with the best possible resources, in beautifully presented Centres.

The Owners

A Hands On Approach

Fit Kidz Learning Centres is a family owned business, with owners Mick and Melissa Scaife taking a hands on approach to running their Centres. The Scaifes are based in the Hills district and have 3 beautiful boys of their own, each of whom have attended Fit Kidz Learning Centres.

Our Vision and Values

Family, Love & Learning

At Fit Kidz we value people, and we want everyone to find their place in the world as their authentic self. We live our values by our commitment to our team, our children and their families, as well as celebrating our diverse community and welcoming everyone into it. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we play and learn, and we teach and implement sustainable practices and care for the environment. As Educators, we commit to advocating for the importance of quality early education for all children, and to walking together in collaboration, growth, learning and fun.

Our Centres

Each of our Centres has its own homepage that you can navigate to directly by clicking on the button below and then selecting the appropriate centre.

Our Mission

Be Authentic

We are true to ourselves and our values and have integrity in all our dealings. We have meaningful and supportive relationships based on respect, open communication and shared goals.​

Be Inclusive

We provide a warm, caring environment in which to grow, and encourage all children to play and learn in harmony. We celebrate diversity and embed it throughout our educational practice.

Be Connected

We are an engaged and positive member of our communities and an asset to them. We partner with local schools, charities and community groups and engage with their activities. We advocate the importance of a connection to the land and its traditional custodians; we teach and practice sustainability for the planet we share.​

Be Progressive

We challenge ourselves to keep evolving and be brave forward-thinkers. Whilst we are always teaching, we are always learning too, and stay accountable to a mantra of continual improvement.

Be Awesome!

We are unashamed of our goal to be the best at what we do. We bring big energy and enthusiasm to our work and play. Our not-so-secret ingredient is awesomeness.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the precious value of children and the significant role that we play in the early and most important part of their lives. This belief is the foundation of our values, and underpins our commitment to our children, their families, our people and our community.

We believe that the single most important part of our offering is our team. We have a core focus on our people, value them for their passion, commitment and personal contribution, and recognise them as our greatest asset. We cherish our reputation and are unrelenting in the delivery of our expected standard, and as a service business the quality of our product is its delivery. We know that as our representatives, the qualities of our people will always be the true measure of our success.

We put the child at the centre of everything we do, and understand that it can be stressful for families to engage outsiders to care for and nurture their child. They entrust us and bring us into their families. We consider this trust as a privilege, and we are ever-mindful of it. We wish for meaningful and supportive relationships with our families based on respect, open communication and shared goals, and we value the family’s role in our program. We ask that this respect is reciprocated. We celebrate diversity of nationalities, cultures and beliefs, and embrace it as an educational resource. We also support the integration of children with additional needs and diverse lifestyles.