Cheering From The Sidelines

The Role of an Aunt & Uncle

Cheering From The Sidelines

There is a lovely quote that says …

“Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend!”

I am not familiar with who wrote this, but it shares a special place in mine and my husband’s heart as we both feel very lucky to be actively involved in the lives of each of our four nephews.

It feels like only yesterday that we were visiting our respective sister and brother in hospital to welcome their little ones into the world. And in the blink of an eye we are about to celebrate one of them getting his P’s licence, one starting his first job and the younger two completing Year 8. Time surely does disappear literally in front of you!

For many of the early years the family often referred to us as “Team Relief” as alternating weekends would be taken up balancing my sister’s two boys and then my Husbands brother’s two boys. This was great for us as we got to play with our nephews all of the time, take them on adventures and watch them grow. Whilst their parents benefitted by taking advantage of some much needed and well-deserved rest time for themselves!

Being an Aunt and Uncle is one of those responsibilities you don’t put your hand up for. You don’t get to make plans or choose the timing for, it just happens. But being an Aunt and Uncle is like having the golden ticket from Charlie’s Chocolate Factory!

You are the fun one, the one that allows nerf battles and water balloon fights all day long and lounge room cubby house building and staying up late watching movies with buckets of popcorn all night. The one that they listen to (even though their parents have said the same thing a thousand times before) and the one they feel safe and comfortable about telling their problems to, having a shoulder to lean on. It is awesome being their role model. And what’s more, it is really awesome to have their parents support and encouragement to allow freedom and growth.

There were of course many challenging times, learning how to deal with tantrums, dealing with food they like or food they don’t like (for that week!), lost toys, broken favourite toys, what to wear, changing nappies, brushing teeth and dealing with how annoying kiddie TV shows can be! But no one makes us laugh harder than our nephews, the phrases, stories and witty cool comments that come out of their mouth is pure joy and entertainment.

Life deals us all stress and challenges in many ways, but we like to think we are a part of a bigger solution. A wonderful role in children’s education where we can provide support, mentor, cheer from the sidelines and be the adult friend our nephews need.

Hubby and I LOVE our nephews with all the hugs and kisses we can throw their way and have many proud moments that could be mentioned. We have created a tonne of memories so far with them and look forward to more cherished moments and enjoying more of life’s adventures that continue to come our way!

Penny Laplain

Devoted Aunty, music lover and Fit Kidz Centre Support

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