Happy International Men's Day

celebrating our amazing male educators

Happy International Men’s Day

Happy International Men’s Day

Men in the early childhood sector comprise a very low minority of our profession and I believe this is a great loss for our children.

There are many reasons why children would benefit from more males in our sector but some of the most obvious are the basic different caring styles and behaviour. We are introducing children to different styles of playing, caring and instructing which can also help as our children transition to school and may have male teachers in their new environment.

We know that males and females process information differently therefore having different perspectives in dealing with situations with children, assists us in ensuring we are supporting children in every way we can.

A child can never have too many positive role models in their life and having a positive relationship with Educators supports their wellbeing. Male and female educators can provide this and support the whole family unit.

Lastly and quite simply, early childhood education is required equally for both boys and girls, so doesn’t it just make sense to have male and female Educators?

Wishing our male Educators a very Happy International Men’s Day and on this special day we thank you for your dedication to our wonderful profession and all the children in your care.

Mel x

P.s And I will be in trouble if I don’t also mention on this special day, our super maintenance team and Mick. We appreciate everything you do.


Melissa Scaife, Mother of 3 children and owner of Fit Kidz Learning Centres.

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