THE FESTIVE SEASON... isn't always magical...

helping our children (and Mums & Dads) at this busy time of year

THE FESTIVE SEASON… isn’t always magical

Making the most of the festive season with young children requires a delicate balance of excitement, routine, and understanding.

Firstly, maintaining a predictable routine amid the holiday festivities helps children feel secure. Ensure regular meal and nap times, as consistency provides a sense of stability during the otherwise exhilarating period.

Engage children in age-appropriate holiday activities to channel their excitement positively. Craft sessions, baking cookies, or decorating simple ornaments can be both entertaining and festive. Reinforce the values of sharing and gratitude through discussions and small acts of kindness, fostering a sense of the holiday spirit.

Sensory experiences, like feeling wrapping paper textures or listening to Christmas music, can captivate their interest. However, be mindful of overstimulation; breaks and quiet activities can prevent exhaustion.

Communication is key. Where possible explain upcoming events or changes to routines, helping children anticipate and adapt. Foster a sense of inclusion by involving them in preparations, such as decorating the tree or choosing holiday outfits.

Lastly, savor moments of joy and laughter, and be flexible. Embrace the unpredictability that comes with children during the holidays, understanding that some plans may need adjustments. Be kind to yourself, it is not always so “magical” for the grownups who are busy trying to keep everyone happy. A blend of structure, engagement, and flexibility will help you find a little magic and early bedtimes in preparation for Santa’s visit will too!

Mel xx


Melissa Scaife, Mother of 3 children and owner of Fit Kidz Learning Centres.

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