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Your Social Media, Your Choice….

What was the purpose of social media? To connect, to reunite, to support and inform. I think they sound like great reasons to use a platform which is easily accessible to most however what it has become especially during this pandemic is an opportunity for quite the opposite.

We use Facebook and Instagram to connect with our families and team. We use it to promote our business and the businesses of our Fit Kidz community. We love sharing our achievements and we love engagement with our community. In addition to our centre pages and Fit Kidz Foundation page, we have a private page for our team, a page devoted to just wellness and supporting mental health, and a page dedicated to our families – Navigating Familyhood Together. Fit Kidz also have a page just for our new Mums at Fit Kidz – our own Mother’s Group. These are all wonderful opportunities to stay connected, the sharing is positive, helpful, and kind and for me personally, they allow me to feel part of something very special.

I love nothing more than seeing our team engaging with each other, sharing lesson plans and creative ideas. They ask each other for suggestions and for advice at times and we celebrate the work they do every day. I can also ensure our team are kept up to date (especially now) with quick decisions or share their input where possible. And our family pages are a lovely way to connect and hopefully share useful information and resources with you.

Sadly, with the good comes the bad in this case. I am seeing (not on any of our pages) an incredible amount of negativity and many families second guessing their decisions because of the pressure they receive on social media relating to everything from the current COVID debate to everyday parenting decisions.

So, my reason for writing this message is to suggest you be kind to yourself once again and stay away from pages or Facebook groups that do not bring you joy. It is great to share different opinions but when judgement steps in and makes you question your ability as parents, it isn’t helpful. On the weekend I had a friend of Fit Kidz, an experienced parenting expert have to explain to his many followers, why he had a soft drink bottle on his kitchen table when he was sharing a beautiful family photo…it’s too much.

There are so many helpful, informative, and useful websites and Facebook/Instagram pages so choose carefully and take a break from some that are not lifting you up. It may only be needed for now or a short time, but we need all the positivity we can get at this time and you need to do what is best for you.

Mel x


Melissa Scaife, Mother of 3 children and owner of Fit Kidz Learning Centres.

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