Music, Music, Music

The importance of music in early childhood...

Music, Music, Music

With those excitable two special words, Santa Claus, about to start flowing from little ones mouths, it is coming to that time of year when we look forward to hearing Christmas carols and music all around us.

The classics bring back loads of childhood memories about that feeling of excitement and getting ready for Christmas to arrive.

Music is a key player in early childhood settings, not just at Christmas time but all year round. Children benefit greatly from not only listening to music but also in their classroom environment in which singing, clapping and moving are an important part of their day. When children move and sing they feel good about themselves.

Music is an everyday experience, initially used to calm and soothe babies for sleep. Progressively used to express feelings of joy, love and encourage interaction with others (‘Pass The Parcel’ anyone!). It helps the mind and body work together.

From a young age children observe their parents and educators actions. Silly songs make them laugh, lullaby’s create comfort and ward off anxiety. These positive experiences allow an unbreakable bond between parents, carers and children and assist with the transition of one part of their day to another.

Music is joyful, think about how good you feel singing your favourite song in the car with the window down on a beautiful summer day!

Musical noise is beautiful noise.

Penny Laplain

Devoted Aunty, music lover and Fit Kidz Centre Support

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