Tea Time with Mel - Motherhood & Resilience

Mother’s Guilt… It’s a real thing!

Tea Time with Mel – Motherhood & Resilience

Thank you to those that joined us for the first episode of ‘Tea Time with Mel’ today.

Here is a little snapshot of what was discussed:

Today we talked about Mother’s guilt and what we found surprising as we embarked on the journey of motherhood. Mother’s guilt really IS an emotion that many feel so strongly after giving birth and although I do believe it is very challenging to let-go of, it is important we find ways to manage it.

As Mums we have a unique talent of being nurturing, helpful and kind to others and relentlessly tough on ourselves. This can be made worse by making comparisons to others and aspiring to the “picture perfect” world that can at times be seen on social media.Ellen and I talked about the importance of being kind to yourself. Trust your intuition and find moments of joy rather than expecting joy to fill your whole day, every day.

We went on to discuss the value in our children learning the life skill of resilience and the importance of learning this early in life to build a strong foundation.There are 4 strategies that can help a child and family build resilience, here are Ellen’s tips:

  • Building positive/strong relationships with peers and adults, role modelling this in the family unit too.
  • Developing a strong sense of independence/autonomy and encouraging children to be active players in their family.
  • Talking about emotions and feelings, starting at a young age and role modelling this also.
  • Coping with challenges and the importance of risk and making mistakes. We need to welcome these learning opportunities.

If you missed today’s episode you can check it out:

Mel xx


Melissa Scaife, Mother of 3 children and owner of Fit Kidz Learning Centres.

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