Top 10 Rainy Day Activities For Kids

For Those Days When You Just Can't Get Outside...

Top 10 Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

Having children outside and learning with nature is always what we aim for. However, sometimes this is not possible.

In our house we have a jar for rainy days and a jar for sunny days. Each jar has activities written on pieces of paper. My three children take turns each week selecting a slip of paper from the appropriate jar. Here are some of our favourite rainy day jar activities:

  1. Blanket fort – I always find this one very nostalgic as it brings back memories of doing the same thing with my three brothers. Gather any pillows, blankets, dining chairs and anything else that might be useful and get to constructing. Keep in mind that this activity is all about the process, have fun with it.
  2. Board games – Though a lot of board games are aimed at older children, there are still plenty of options to get younger children involved. Games with rules and structure can also be a great learning opportunity for children around turn taking, following rules and understanding objectives. These complex concepts may take time, so please be patient. Some favourites in our house include Uno and Candy Land.
  3. Disco – Music is always present in our house and I never miss the opportunity for a good dance party. If you can, having YouTube on the TV can be great to allow everyone to take turns selecting a song. And if you can find a version with lyrics, you’ve got yourself a karaoke dance party!
  4. Create a movie – This can be a big project completed over several days. Discuss with your children plots, characters and scripts. Create costumes and sets. There are lots of free movie making apps available so you can use your own device to create a family masterpiece.
  5. Cooking – getting in the kitchen can be lots of fun and a great learning opportunity…but can also be very messy, brace yourself! Some things we like to make together are pizzas, fruit salad, cupcakes, and sushi. Maybe you have your own family favourites.
  6. Craft – As Picasso said, “Every child is an artist”. If you have the space, perhaps set up a whole craft area where your child can freely explore and create with what you have at hand. In regards to children and craft, remember that the process is what we are supporting, not so much the product. Children enjoy exploring and experimenting, you may just be surprised by what they can do.
  7. Makeovers and fashion parades – Trust me, this is fun! We take turns assigning each person a fashionista. The fashionista will select the person’s outfit, do their makeup and style their hair. The made over person then flaunts their stuff on the catwalk aka from the kitchen to the lounge room!
  8. Storytime – The big, crazy activities can be lots of fun, but sometimes snuggling up with a story is what we need. Give everyone a chance to choose a favourite story and read them aloud together.
  9. Science – Children are curious, exposing them to science is a great way to support that. Using things that can be found around the house can make for hours of (often messy!) fun. Check out for some great ideas.
  10. Puppets – Perhaps you have some cool puppets at home. If you have some odd socks and loose buttons, you’ve got puppets right there waiting to be brought to life! Involve your children in designing their own puppet and get to creating. Maybe you can pair up and create a puppet show for the rest of your family or a neighbour.
Melinda Williams

Melinda Williams, mother of 3 children and Education & Inspiration Mentor at Fit Kidz Learning Centres.

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