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Written articles and videos of interest for Fit Kidz families
The Ian Potter Children’s WILD PLAY Garden

Located in the heart of Centennial Park this magical play space offers children and adults alike an opportunity to immerse themselves in an oasis of nature-play and adventure. It will be no surprise to many of you that this is my dream for children, to have access to nature as often as possible.  The chance…

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It’s hard to let them fail….

As parents, it is perfectly normal for us to want to protect our beloved children to keep them safe at all times. This will never change and nor should it.  This is the ultimate job of all parents. Over time, the social norms and expectations around children has changed and softened, and one of the…

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Finding it hard to separate?

The transition to an early childhood setting or school can be very challenging for both child and Mum or Dad.   Separation anxiety is totally normal and common, in fact it provides a safety net in some respects.  It is important that our children know who is safe to be with but building this relationship can…

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Why play??????

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to chat and I am always open to any conversation topic and happy to answer any questions if I can help a family at Fit Kidz, but there is a question/opinion that always makes me sad.  It is the one opinion that I will always try and change…

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